Replace broken – Hermco Mon, 17 May 2021 10:22:36 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Replace broken – Hermco 32 32 George Square memorial benches destroyed for the second time as thousands descend for the Rangers title party Mon, 17 May 2021 09:25:28 +0000

George Square memorial benches were ransacked for the second time in months by marauding Rangers fans on Saturday night’s title night.

We recounted how the city center remained ‘like a war zone’ with bottles and broken trash after supporters clashed with cops as thousands celebrated their side by winning their first title. of Premiership in a decade.

In March, there were similar scenes after the Light Blues officially won the title, with benches dedicated to the dead in the square destroyed amid massive celebrations.

The sympathetic supporters of the Ibrox side contributed by the thousands to replace them after the last incident.

But now, despite the council chiefs’ efforts in cleaning up, the benches have been broken again and some factories will need to be replaced because the glass is buried so deep.

The costs of the work are currently unknown.

Glasgow City Council Leader Susan Aitken tweeted: “I had the opportunity to say hello and thank you to some of the @GlasgowCC clean-up crew in George Square this morning.

“The transformation they made from last night’s carnage is heroic. But the sod and bedding plants will have to be replaced because of the ground glass.”

Businessman Brian Inkster tweeted how emptied he was that the benches were destroyed again.

He wrote: “Very sad to see again this morning (as I did on March 8) the destruction of the park benches (including those at the memorial) in yesterday’s #GeorgeSquare.

“Some of these were donated to the people of #Glasgow by families dedicated to the memory of their loved ones.”

Five cops were injured, some seriously, after thugs bombarded officers with explosives and other objects during ongoing battles in the square.

Violence spilled over to the surrounding streets with a gruesome attack filmed by a man punched and kicked.

Around 15,000 troops are estimated to have invaded the city center, many of whom gathered outside Ibrox during Rangers’ game against Aberdeen.

Police and Ranger bosses had issued stern warnings against any gatherings banned due to coronavirus legislation.

The infection rate is higher than in other parts of Scotland, with only Glasgow and Moray remaining in a higher level of restrictions.

George Square was ransacked by Rangers fans
George Square was ransacked by Rangers fans

Saturday night’s ugly scenes drew widespread condemnation from police and senior politicians.

A statement by Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon said: “” I am naturally inundated with messages about the shameful scenes of that day in Glasgow.

“The police still have a job to do, which limits my comments to a certain extent – but to say I’m completely disgusted by the Ranger fans who ransacked the city would be an understatement …

“I am also angry on behalf of all law-abiding citizens. In normal times, the violence and vandalism, and the vile anti-Catholic prejudices that were exhibited, would have been quite unacceptable.

“But in the midst of the pandemic, in a city with rising cases, it was also selfish beyond belief.

“People across the country who still live under the most difficult restrictions – unable to see their families or attend weddings and funerals – are rightly enraged at the irresponsible actions of a rogue minority who seem to care. little of the risk they represent for others.

Police promised there would be more arrests to come.

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how the internet of things will transform the tenant experience Fri, 14 May 2021 08:41:14 +0000

Through Mike Hooper, Group Head of Business Development & Marketing at Conosco

Given the number of responsibilities that social housing providers face, digital transformation can slide down the priority ladder. Yet many of the problems – breaking the stigma of social housing, fixing many repairs and increasing air quality – can be improved through the use of smart technology sensors.

The sector has faced numerous calls for change, and it is back in the spotlight after the lockdown after being named a key to helping the affordable housing crisis. Go ahead: Internet of Things (IoT). The network of “things” is, in general terms, anything that connects wirelessly to the Internet. The devices contain sensors that collect data about the environment to make informed decisions. Examples of IoT devices in everyday life include smart speakers like the Amazon Echo, which are designed around the user’s voice to deliver always-on requests and information.

Social housing needs to fit into our data-driven future, and IoT can help organizations and landlords deliver a great tenant experience and ultimately reduce repair costs that can be reinvested. in long term homes.

And yet, according to a recent white paper by Capita one, up to 30% of social housing tenants would be on the wrong side of the digital divide with no Internet access. This is a great opportunity to make properties more efficient, accessible, and generally just a pleasure to live with.

What technologies can transform the tenant experience and improve asset management and maintenance so that it is a less conscientious area?

1 – Smart security

Many residents will not have the luxury of being able to work from home when they have maintenance or repairs ahead. Using smart locks should arguably be the first step for any smart home. They allow the resident to give “virtual keys” to other people, so that they can let someone into the house if they cannot access the door. The user simply controls the locks from their smartphone.

They’re easy to install and make repairs simple for both tenant and landlord, so you don’t have to worry about providing a wrench or balancing schedules to find a time that’s right for everyone.

2 – A virtual maintenance technician

One of the hardest jobs for housing associations is fixing broken items for tenants, which the article says often needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Yet it is easier and much more cost effective to repair than to replace. What if you could prevent this item from wearing out in the first place?

Using advanced IoT sensors on devices like an oven or boiler can prevent and diagnose problems and alert the business or owner when it starts to happen. Then, before the full oven break, the real estate worker can arrange the repair of the device in a timely manner and do the small home repair. And, instead of the tenant not being told what exactly is wrong and having to guess when relaying information, the sensor and the sophisticated data it has collected will give the technician an exact view of what is wrong. .

3 – Increase air quality

Moisture, mold and condensation are common issues reported by thousands of social housing tenants, according to a study. This is often due to poor condition, as the problem got worse before it was noticed by the landlord or tenant. But prevention is much better than a cure. And, by installing smart temperature sensors, they can monitor a number of factors like ambient temperature and humidity to measure and fix issues before they become a costly problem to fix.

A searcher stated that an alert can be set up so that when the humidity in a certain area or room rises above a specific level, the owner or occupant will be notified. By installing smart temperature sensors, housing associations might find that they only need to invest in dehumidifiers, instead of paying thousands to remove mold.

4 – Prevent water leaks

Smart leak sensors can detect water leaks and thus prevent excess moisture or catastrophic damage that can lead to flooding. These smart water leak detectors activate smart shut-off valves before major damage is done, allowing you to quickly jump into action in the event of a small leak. This will not only save hundreds and potentially thousands of repairs, but will also help protect the property of residents, further reinforcing the benefits that IoT brings to tenant experiences.

It also removes the chances of repair work that could result in the need to relocate the tenant while the repairs are being made.

Smart technology ultimately helps housing associations make better, informed decisions about how to keep tenants safe. It also means that landlords can better invest their money in buildings, so that social housing tenants can live more comfortably, in safer environments where they know they are well maintained.

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Port calls Ladhams for Bulldogs shock | The Northern Daily Leader Fri, 14 May 2021 06:14:43 +0000

sport, local-afl

Port Adelaide has called up Peter Ladhams to replace suspended ruckman Scott Lycett for the AFL’s meeting with the West Bulldogs on Saturday night. Lycett’s four-game ban for a slingshot tackle opened the door of selection for Ladhams, who has not been seen in the AFL ranks since his retirement after the fourth round. Power coach Ken Hinkley has said he plans to make a debut for 21-year-old ruckman Sam Hayes before moving on to the more experienced Ladhams. “It was a really tough call, both boys are in great shape,” Hinkley told reporters on Friday. “Pete played AFL football, but we’re really keen to give Sam a chance at the right time.” But today was a good time to give Pete a try. Ladhams is set to face Jordon Sweet with Bulldogs coach Luke Beveridge, said First-choice ruckman Tim English “may fail again” as he recovers from a concussion, while Stefan Martin (Achilles) is still unavailable. Hinkley refused to be shot at the severity of Lycett’s suspension for a dangerous tackle that committed Adelaide’s Ned McHenry. Power, third, will be without influential midfielder Dan Houston (shoulder) with Riley Bonner the substitute for the Adelaide Oval game against the Dogs, second. Port, with six wins and two losses, takes a win behind the Bulldogs whose only loss has “He (the result) will say something, but I don’t know exactly how much “He said.” It’s the ninth inning. And we make all these predictions and all these bold statements after every round – someone tomorrow is going to win and I hope it’s us. “It’s too much. early to make too many big predictors ions on anyone in the competition. ”The game pits two of AFL’s renowned midfielders against each other, with both clubs featuring all-star ball squads. The Bulldogs will be without Lachie Hunter, who couldn’t finish Friday’s session – having tried to push for selection after undergoing surgery on a broken hand on Monday. “We’re really comfortable and confident that our best is as good as them, we’ve got great quality,” Hinkley said. “The Bulldogs will look at our midfield and have as much concern as we do with theirs.” The Bulldogs have regained important defenseman Bailey Williams, while calling on forward Cody Weightman and winger Roarke Smith. Defender Hayden Crozier, last week debutant Buku Khamis and unused medical replacement Rhylee West are giving way. Australian Associated Press


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Wayne Bennett believes Adam Reynolds will end ‘tragic’ search to replace Broncos legend Allan Langer Fri, 14 May 2021 05:40:42 +0000

Adam Reynolds’ much-publicized transfer to the Brisbane Broncos has sparked excitement among many fans in the north – and rightly so.

The prime minister winner and former NSW Origin half-back will team up with the Broncos on a three-year contract from 2022, in a huge blow to the struggling club.

On the other hand, the move broke the hearts of Rabbitohs fans, with Reynolds being considered a legend at the club.

His signing comes at the same time that current South Sydney coach Wayne Bennett has left the door open for a Broncos return next year – but is it just a coincidence?

Speaking to the media ahead of their Magic Round clash, Bennett spoke about the advice he gave Reynolds before signing with Brisbane.

“Adam and I are taking out this arvo to see if we can find an apartment to live in together,” he laughs.

“Obviously favorable (advice). The Broncos have been a great club and it’s a great city. He has a young family and he will enjoy his stay here.

“The Broncos have a great player who comes here – which he also gets off the pitch. He’s a really special guy. South Sydney will be sorry to lose him, we all are, but that’s how it went. worked.

“It wasn’t his fault, it wasn’t the club’s – it’s just the situation we find ourselves in with the salary cap. He made a good choice and I know he’s happy with it. It will make a difference (in Brisbane).

“It was never part of his decision (Wayne’s advice). We had this conversation but I said there is no guarantee where I am going in Brisbane or what is going on.

“We are happy to share an apartment together if this happens to us.”

Reynolds has been one of the best running backs in the competition for the better part of the decade, and his departure will leave a huge hole in the Rabbitohs roster.

As for the Broncos, they arguably picked their best half-back since legendary Allan Langer – a man Bennett knows very well.

“I like his calm and his pleasure. He’s kind of like Alf – he’s not as bad as half, he’s not as big a pest as Alf. It’s not far, it can be a bit of a nuisance, ”Bennett said.

“He has a great sense of humor and is a very balanced guy. I take the captain of a club extremely seriously, and I had a few that could have done the job, but I wanted it to be. ‘it gets the job done because I thought it had all of these attributes.

“He’s not going to score 80-yard tries because that’s not what he does, but he’s going to help other guys score 80-yard tries.

“That’s what they (Brisbane) are probably missing right now.”

Brisbane has struggled to replace Langer, who is considered one of the best backs in the game.

Since then, Bennett has described the Broncos’ search for a true No.7 as a ‘tragedy’ full of near misses, aside from a prime ministerial post in 2006 with Shane Perry as half-back. .

“Alf was never replaced,” he said.

“Kevin (Walters) did a great job for us there in 2000, Kevin was a great full back.

“Since that time, a lot of young men have played halfback for the Broncos. It’s been a bit of an Achilles heel for the Broncos for a long time.

“He did a great job for us Shane Perry. Ben Hunt did a good job there as well, but it’s just a tough area there with running backs and five eighths.

“We had Brett Kimmorley until his manager dispelled him. We had Scott Prince and he broke a leg twice and did a groin and lost a little bit of confidence and thought we didn’t want him, and he went to Wests Tigers.

“There was a bit of a tragedy in trying to get this player over those years. I was out for 6-7 years and I wasn’t involved at the time.

“I came back and Ben Hunt was there, and he was good for us at the time. He got an offer we couldn’t match and we had to let him go.”

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Chemics’ Hoon reflects on end-of-season injury Fri, 14 May 2021 04:20:56 +0000

When high school spring sports returned last month, Emersen Hoon was so excited to represent Midland High on the softball field again. So excited to compete for the Saginaw Valley League and District Championships in the sport she loves. And, perhaps more importantly, so excited to be playing alongside his good friend and teammate Gabby Schloop again.

Unfortunately for Hoon and the chemists, all of those plans changed in the blink of an eye – and in the blink of an eye.

Two bones, in fact.

Hoon, the gifted junior second baseman from Midland, was trying to beat a field single against Freeland on April 22 when a collision with the Falcons first baseman resulted in Hoon breaking both a shin bone (bone tibia) and a fibula (calf bone) in his leg and the end of his season almost before it really begins.

“I was running in the first as hard as I can … and it was kind of a bad pitch in the first, so the first baseman had to go over the sack (to catch it), and his foot went out. is found on the other. side of the bag, “Hoon recalls.” When I stepped on the bag, I hit his leg on mine, my foot got stuck on the bag and hit his. , and my leg broke.

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Pandemic Highlights Opportunities for Participation in Colorado Utilities Thu, 13 May 2021 21:44:28 +0000

May 12, 2021

DENVER – The number of Coloradans who need help staying energized in their homes increased dramatically during the coronavirus pandemic, and energy experts say the lessons learned could help utility companies, policymakers and government agencies tackle long-standing inequalities.

Jennifer Gremmert, executive director of Energy Outreach Colorado, said COVID-19 shed light on the economic fragility of communities of color and low-income families, including frontline workers praised for their efforts in hospitals and clinics. grocery stores.

“And what we saw in the wake of the pandemic is that so many people were really living on the edge, in a crisis of not being able to pay their energy bills,” said Gremmert. “We also saw a disproportionate number of minorities who needed this help.”

When thousands of people lost their jobs or were forced out of the workforce to care for children after schools closed, many families had to make tough decisions.

Gremmert noted that his group’s toll-free helpline has received more than 250,000 calls for help in the past year. The group paid more than 25,000 overdue utility bills, a 46% increase from the previous year.

Gremmert pointed out that we are not yet out of obscurity, highlighting the Great Recession, from which it took low-wage workers years to recover.

Even before the pandemic, one in four Colorado households struggled to pay their energy bills, and Gremmert argued that now is the time for systemic change.

She suggested action should be taken by utility companies, lawmakers, government agencies and nonprofits to ensure families most at risk can access payment assistance and replace devices. broken heating and ceiling fans.

“But also just a fundamental belief that we have to help our neighbors in need,” urged Gremmert. “And it might not be for a long time, but it’s to make sure they can be healthy participants in our communities.”

Gremmert pointed out that removing barriers, including bureaucratic red tape, will help more people cut off electricity.

Then, she pointed out that investments in energy efficiency in low-cost housing can help lower monthly utility bills. She added new energy policies, as the nation moves away from sources of climate pollution, must include the state’s most vulnerable families.

This story was originally published by the Public News Service. For more information visit And subscribe now to the public press service “2020Talks”, a daily 3-minute podcast that will answer all your election questions.

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The loss to the Nets was Spurs’ mediocre season in a nutshell Thu, 13 May 2021 19:22:51 +0000

Well make him like what he saw of some of the Spurs.

“Our best team on the pitch was the team that was there for the last eight minutes,” said Popovich, referring to a waste collection team led by veteran Gorgui Dieng, who finished with seven points, four rebounds and three assists all this in the fourth quarter.

As Spurs trailed by 17 points at 8:18 left, Popovich called the time-out to replace DeMar DeRozan, Lonnie Walker IV, Patty Mills and Rudy Gay with Tre Jones, Keita Bates-Diop, Luka Samanic and Devin Vassell.

This new quartet, who got help from Drew Eubanks after a broken finger forced Samanic out of the game, joined Dieng in beating James Harden and a few other Nets regulars 27-22 the rest of the time and giving Popovich a lesson in mental toughness and consistency to come home afterwards.

“If everyone who played the first three quarters had moved like the guys who played the last eight minutes, we would have been in much better shape,” he said at his Zoom press conference. post-game. “That’s what makes you a great team when you have that consistency.”

Coming two days after beating Milwaukee at the AT&T Center, the Spurs’ loss to Brooklyn was a microcosm of their lackluster season.

After missing the Bucks 146-125 on Monday, the Spurs were hopeful that all they had done right against the Bucks would continue when they met another Eastern Conference power.

But as has happened so many times this season, there has been no postponement.

“We just need to be more consistent with our competitiveness and our execution,” Popovich said. “We had no help in the first quarter and we gave them the advantage. That mental stamina to play after playing a hell of a game has to be there. It hasn’t been there, and that’s what we’re trying to do. This is the next step. “

Powered by a 17-4 run, the Nets led 35-20 after the first quarter. The Spurs shot less than a point in the second, but Brooklyn led by six at the break and was in control throughout the second half.

It was a disappointing performance for a team battling for a place in the play-in tournament. The Spurs (33-36) entered Thursday night’s game at the New York Knicks with a win in their last three games or a loss to Sacramento in their last three outings to clinch a play-in spot.

“I’m a winner so this entire season has been disappointing me so far,” said Spurs point guard Dejounte Murray, who finished with 15 points and 11 rebounds against Brooklyn in his 14th double-double of the season.

What disappointed Murray the most about Wednesday’s performance was that she was so far removed from what the Spurs looked like against the Bucks.

“You saw how we played in Milwaukee, a contending team, a very good team, well trained,” said Murray. “Obviously we did shoot, but you could see the energy, see the guys talking to each other, and it has to be everyday. Consistency is the key, and it always starts with me. “

After shooting a season-best 58.6% (17 of 29) at 3 points against the Bucks, the Spurs only managed 25.8% (8 of 31) shots from beyond the arc against the Nets.

But it wasn’t just one bad shot that doomed Spurs at Barclays Center. They just weren’t mentally tough, Murray said.

As a result, the Nets finished with eight double-digit players, including Harden, who finished with 18 points and 11 assists off the bench in his opener after missing 18 in a row with a hamstring injury. leggings. The Nets have also scored 68 points in the paint, the most from a Spurs opponent this season.

“It has a lot to do with talking to each other, helping help, being there for your brother, having that passion every night,” Murray said.

Murray agreed with Popovich that the cleaning crew’s effort put regulars to shame.

“This latter group came in and played and fought,” he said.

So, will this Spurs squad ever be able to gain the mental toughness and consistency it lacks this season?

“Mental toughness, heart, all of that, I feel like it’s just something you have to have,” Murray said. “It’s going to be really hard to teach that. I believe a lot of guys have it – it’s just whether they want to bring it or not, starting with me too. I’m not targeting anyone. It has to be every day – every practice, every practice, every game. He’s got to be there, that mental stamina and that heart.

Twitter: @tom_orsborn

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The Truth About Planned Obsolescence of Countertop Appliances Thu, 13 May 2021 18:32:00 +0000

Chances are you’ve come across the term “planned obsolescence” if you’ve ever had a discussion of sustainability. You know, the idea that manufacturers deliberately create a loophole in their products or systems so that people replace them with newer options. On the one hand, this practice helps to maintain a sustainable business model that can better provide jobs and a healthy economy. On the other hand, it can lead to exceptional waste and high turnover of necessary items like household appliances.

Due to the impact of Covid-19 on household income and the general shift away from overconsumption in recent years towards the more ecological and economical model of refusing, reducing, reusing, reusing, recycling, rotting and rethinking, of more and more West Aucklanders have started looking to repair rather than replace their defective devices. The problem, however, is that a bad repair can mean both economic waste and inevitable replacement, so it’s necessary to make sure that you hire a repair company that knows what they’re doing.

To weed out charlatans from the experts and make sure you hire a reputable company for your home appliance repair in West Auckland, here are some questions you should ask yourself:

  1. Do they guarantee their manufacture? If so, for how long?
  2. Are they upfront about all (possible) costs involved?
  3. Are their technicians certified?
  4. What is their lead time?

Any company that can give you at least a year of warranty on their work, is honest about the cost of the repair and whether the expense will be worth it, can confirm the commercial certification and will not keep your devices for more than a week would be. a good option to consider for your repair needs. Beware of any business that cannot meet these four requirements.

So, before simply replacing your broken devices, consider countering the obsolescence expected by the manufacturers by extending your items through repair.

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Gavin Newsom and the California recall issue Thu, 13 May 2021 14:41:03 +0000

This model has some California Democrats now talking openly about making fundamental changes to recall law – an idea rarely discussed since Gov. Hiram Johnson, a progressive icon, pushed it through the legislature in 1911. “This thing is going to be defeated by Newsom enough,” said Democratic strategist Garry South, who was Davis’ chief adviser during his two gubernatorial races, in 1998 and 2002. “And when this is all over, the lawmaker must seriously consider reorganizing processes and procedures. for qualifying a recall against the governor of California. “

VSCalifornia law establishes a two-step process to remove and replace an executive officer. Once supporters have collected enough signatures, the state schedules an election that asks voters two questions. First, they are invited to vote for or against the recall of the targeted official, in this case Newsom. Then, on the same ballot, they are asked to choose from a list of candidates who have filed to replace the official. (The incumbent’s name cannot be listed as an option.) If a majority votes no on the recall, it’s over; the incumbent remains in office. But if a majority supports the recall, the incumbent candidate is replaced by the alternative candidate who obtains the highest total of votes, even if it is lower than the majority (which is possible, given the size of the field of candidates ).

These rules create one of the first glaring anomalies in the California system: an incumbent could be removed from office and replaced even if a greater proportion of Californians vote to keep him in power than to support a single alternative. (For example, an incumbent might receive the support of 49.9% of the voters, but be ousted and replaced by someone who received a much smaller share of the vote.)

An even more important anomaly is the threshold that a recall effort must meet to qualify for the ballot. Nineteen states allow voters to dismiss a governor, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. Of these states, California requires “the lowest [signature] total recall any state governor in the country, ”says Joshua Spivak, expert on the recall process and senior researcher at the Hugh L. Carey Institute for Government Reform at Wagner College in New York City. A recall can qualify for the ballot in California by collecting signatures equivalent to 12 percent of the votes cast in the previous gubernatorial election. Most states set a significantly higher bar, typically 25%.

In 2018, just under 12.5 million Californians voted in the gubernatorial election, in which Newsom overwhelmed Republican John Cox by almost exactly 3 million votes. That meant the promoters of the recall had to collect just under 1.5 million signatures. In absolute terms, that’s a lot of signatures to get. Newsom’s critics launched four recall attempts before that, and not all of them met the requirement. Even the current recall, launched by conservatives exasperated by Newsom’s COVID-19 closures last spring, appeared to hit a wall in the fall. Then two important events happened on November 6: first, James Arguelles, a state superior court judge appointed by Schwarzenegger, gave the promoters an unprecedented four-month extension to collect signatures, citing the difficulties created by the coronavirus. And on the same day, Newsom chose to attend a now infamous birthday party for a lobbyist at a posh Napa Valley restaurant – a choice that has become a flashpoint for voters’ frustration. Newsom’s presence while much of California remained closed “has become a pop culture caricature of what everyone hates about politicians,” says Republican consultant Rob Stutzman, who served as director of communications for Schwarzenegger during Davis’ recall and when Schwarzenegger was governor. “There was everything: there was elitism, there was hypocrisy, it smelled like pay-to-play.

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£ 2,500 needed for gear ‘on its last legs’ Thu, 13 May 2021 14:29:48 +0000

Pupils at St Peter’s Primary School in Budleigh Salterton hope to make a splash with their pool fundraising campaign.

Young people and staff are hoping to raise £ 2,500 to pay for a new pool cover and a roll-up mechanism to replace the current equipment, which is ‘on its last legs’.

Principal Steve Hitchcock said the pool was “invaluable,” giving all students at least two swimming terms a year.

He said: “It means kids don’t have to travel to Exmouth to swim and miss out on valuable learning time.

“However, our pool is in desperate need of a new mechanism and a new cover.”


The swimming pool, pictured here, needs £ 2,500 to fund a new cover and winding mechanism.
Photo: Saint-Pierre elementary school.

Mr Hitchcock said funding for the ongoing maintenance of the swimming pool had proven to be an issue during the Covid-19 pandemic as the school was unable to fully rent the facility and generate income for the repairs.

The school has set up a online fundraising page with a goal of £ 2,500.

He said: “We are extremely lucky to be one of the only elementary schools that still has its own swimming pool.

“We are able to offer all the children in each annual group at least two swimming quarters per year – which is invaluable.

“However, the pool needs constant maintenance and we haven’t been able to rent it as much as usual this year due to the pandemic.

“It means we have a shortfall this year and a big bill to pay.

“The pool cover – necessary to keep the pool insulated and warm enough for the kids to swim – is on its last legs.

“The mechanism used to wind it back and forth also broke. We need £ 2,500 to replace them both. ”

The school’s JustGiving page can be found here, or you can donate directly by calling St Peter’s Primary School on 01395 443167, or emailing Steve Hitchcock

EDN Announcement

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