Engineers to reveal cost to repair West Lothian community center affected by closure

Structural engineers will provide the Lanthorn repair costs to advisors next month, before summer vacation.

Ross Macdonald, director of the West Lothian Council’s planned improvements and services team, told a Livingston South local committee meeting that the council executive would see all the details of the work needed to reopen the community hub. animated at its meeting in June.

The Lanthorn was temporarily closed in early April after a series of inspections by specialist roof condition engineers identified significant structural issues with the roof boards present.

The planks are made of a specialized reinforced concrete – Béton Armé Aéré Autoclavé (RAAC), often referred to as Siporex – which was used in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

The Executive Council approved the temporary closure of the Lanthorn Annex and the church from April 2 for a period of approximately two years while repairs are in progress.
The local committee heard that council officers are engaging with administrators, the Lanthorn Community Education Association (LCEA), partners and center users to move as many rentals and activities as possible into the larger portfolio of the center. advice.
The click / collect library service continued with a collection and drop-off point at Arrochar House.

Library services will resume at Torridon House, with navigation and public access PCs available starting this month.
A joint consultancy / LCEA group continues to work on the relocation of user groups to suitable alternative housing.
Mr. Macdonald stressed that the safety and security of the building was paramount when it closed.

His report to the committee added: “The existing video surveillance system will continue to operate while the building is closed. Regular checks will be carried out to ensure that the video surveillance is fully operational.

Security procedures are being developed to allow Scottish Police access to the building to upload footage for crime detection and prevention purposes.

The council has set up a dedicated online information center which aims to provide the local community with up-to-date information on the progress of the relocation of services, structural repairs and the reopening of the center.
It can be viewed online at

A series of FAQs have also been published on the hub.

These will be updated as more information becomes available.
A dedicated email address – [email protected] – has also been created if interested groups / individuals have specific questions.
A project steering group has been set up to oversee the management of the project from the demobilization phase to construction and subsequent reopening.
Its members include representatives of the Trustees, the Lanthorn Center Education Association, local groups, the four local councilors and relevant board members.

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