North Bay neighborhood freed after the bear safely descended from a tree

SAN ANSELMO, Calif. (KGO) – A young black bear who immobilized a North Bay neighborhood on Thursday is now back in a nearby open space after safely descending from a tree.

At around 4:45 p.m., police intervened on Tamalpais Avenue after residents said they saw the animal in someone’s yard.

When officers arrived at the scene, they spotted the bear in a tree.

The Ministry of Fisheries and Wildlife was contacted and they immediately dispatched an agent.

ABC7 News anchor Liz Kreutz has taken refuge in a nearby house with several residents clearly intrigued by their new furry neighbor.

At one point, the bear decided it was time to get off before the wildlife officer arrived, which forced the police to use pots and pans to keep the animal in it. tree.

About an hour after the initial report, the wildlife officer arrived and quickly got to work figuring out how to safely remove the bear from the neighborhood.

At this time, it is not known whether authorities used a tranquilizer to bring the animal under control, but it eventually managed to climb out of the tree.

The bear then crossed a back yard and returned to the open space where police said the animal had been living for at least the last month.

Although permission has been given to the neighborhood, authorities are warning residents to throw out any outdoor trash or bring pet food for the next 24 to 48 hours.

Police say if you see the bear immediately, call 911 and stand at least 100 meters away.

According to authorities, this is the time of year when juvenile male bears leave their mothers and settle in their own territory.

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