Small dog ‘torn in five minutes’ at Mandurah beach | Mandurah’s Courier

Two dogs mutilated to death a small dog that was being trained by its owner on a beach in Halls Head.

The dogs attacked the small Maltese x Shih Tzu on an off-leash beach, causing serious injuries which resulted in his death.

A witness told the To post the dog “didn’t stand a chance” against aggressive large dogs.

“Five minutes and it was completely ripped apart, it was horrible,” said the woman, who did not want to be named.

The two attacking dogs involved were identified by Mandurah town guards and the main attacker was captured and impounded following the attack. The other dog is secure.

The city says investigations are continuing into the attack and other actions are underway.

“Our thoughts are with the owner at this difficult time,” said a spokesperson.

Your responsibilities as a dog owner

Dog owners should ensure their pets are confined and controlled at all times. Here are a few examples where dog owners make mistakes:

  • Opening of garage doors and possibility for dogs to escape into the street
  • Children and traders and leave the doors and doors open
  • Allow dogs to approach other dogs you don’t know
  • Do not have dogs on a leash outside of designated dog exercise areas
  • At the beach, free dogs at the top of the path rather than waiting for them to be in the dog exercise area
  • Fences that allow dogs to dig underneath

To help prevent attacks, the City encourages community members to report all uncontrolled and stray dogs, whether aggressive or not. Reports prevent attacks and rangers are available any day of the week by calling 9550 3777.

For more information on responsible dog ownership, including exercise areas, registration and reporting stray dogs, see the City website.

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