Wayne Bennett believes Adam Reynolds will end ‘tragic’ search to replace Broncos legend Allan Langer

Adam Reynolds’ much-publicized transfer to the Brisbane Broncos has sparked excitement among many fans in the north – and rightly so.

The prime minister winner and former NSW Origin half-back will team up with the Broncos on a three-year contract from 2022, in a huge blow to the struggling club.

On the other hand, the move broke the hearts of Rabbitohs fans, with Reynolds being considered a legend at the club.

His signing comes at the same time that current South Sydney coach Wayne Bennett has left the door open for a Broncos return next year – but is it just a coincidence?

Speaking to the media ahead of their Magic Round clash, Bennett spoke about the advice he gave Reynolds before signing with Brisbane.

“Adam and I are taking out this arvo to see if we can find an apartment to live in together,” he laughs.

“Obviously favorable (advice). The Broncos have been a great club and it’s a great city. He has a young family and he will enjoy his stay here.

“The Broncos have a great player who comes here – which he also gets off the pitch. He’s a really special guy. South Sydney will be sorry to lose him, we all are, but that’s how it went. worked.

“It wasn’t his fault, it wasn’t the club’s – it’s just the situation we find ourselves in with the salary cap. He made a good choice and I know he’s happy with it. It will make a difference (in Brisbane).

“It was never part of his decision (Wayne’s advice). We had this conversation but I said there is no guarantee where I am going in Brisbane or what is going on.

“We are happy to share an apartment together if this happens to us.”

Reynolds has been one of the best running backs in the competition for the better part of the decade, and his departure will leave a huge hole in the Rabbitohs roster.

As for the Broncos, they arguably picked their best half-back since legendary Allan Langer – a man Bennett knows very well.

“I like his calm and his pleasure. He’s kind of like Alf – he’s not as bad as half, he’s not as big a pest as Alf. It’s not far, it can be a bit of a nuisance, ”Bennett said.

“He has a great sense of humor and is a very balanced guy. I take the captain of a club extremely seriously, and I had a few that could have done the job, but I wanted it to be. ‘it gets the job done because I thought it had all of these attributes.

“He’s not going to score 80-yard tries because that’s not what he does, but he’s going to help other guys score 80-yard tries.

“That’s what they (Brisbane) are probably missing right now.”

Brisbane has struggled to replace Langer, who is considered one of the best backs in the game.

Since then, Bennett has described the Broncos’ search for a true No.7 as a ‘tragedy’ full of near misses, aside from a prime ministerial post in 2006 with Shane Perry as half-back. .

“Alf was never replaced,” he said.

“Kevin (Walters) did a great job for us there in 2000, Kevin was a great full back.

“Since that time, a lot of young men have played halfback for the Broncos. It’s been a bit of an Achilles heel for the Broncos for a long time.

“He did a great job for us Shane Perry. Ben Hunt did a good job there as well, but it’s just a tough area there with running backs and five eighths.

“We had Brett Kimmorley until his manager dispelled him. We had Scott Prince and he broke a leg twice and did a groin and lost a little bit of confidence and thought we didn’t want him, and he went to Wests Tigers.

“There was a bit of a tragedy in trying to get this player over those years. I was out for 6-7 years and I wasn’t involved at the time.

“I came back and Ben Hunt was there, and he was good for us at the time. He got an offer we couldn’t match and we had to let him go.”

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